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Our Code of Ethics

Freshfx.com takes its commitment to our clients very seriously, which is why we’ve developed this Code of Ethics outlining the level of service you can expect while doing business with us.

We believe very strongly that web designers have a responsibility to make the Internet as safe, as efficient, and as non-invasive as possible.

Pricing graphic design is dependent on the same factors that apply to other professions with one notable exception. Graphic design professionals accrue immediate and exclusive intellectual property rights to work they create. They also take on responsibility for proper management of rights and usage for illustration, photography and typography they use in the process of working with clients


Design Ethics

  • We will not participate in, link to, provide services to or promote "adult" material, pornography, exploitation of women, children, racial and ethnic division, violence and hate groups.
  • We will not design any web site employing excessive and unnecessary animations or graphics, which result in unnecessarily long download times.
  • We will not design sites using cookies without making the site visitors aware of the purpose of any cookies used.
  • We will not employ any web technology which does not result in the majority of site visitors enjoying a more efficient, more informative, more pleasurable experience. New technology will not be included simply for the sake of designing sites with the "latest and greatest" bells and whistles. If it doesn't make the site better from the visitor's perspective, it will not be used.
  • We will not utilize pop-up windows in the design of any web site, unless they are necessary to provide information the visitor has requested. They will never be used for displaying advertisements.
  • We will not utilize, in the design of any web site, redirecting URL's to force the visitor to sites or pages they did not expect.
  • We will not utilize, in the design of any web site, repeating windows or loops which lock the visitor into the web site.
  • We will only design web sites which allow the visitor to maintain control of how they navigate the site.
  • We will not design web sites in a manner that intentionally confuses the visitor into taking an unanticipated action, such as jumping to another web site.
  • We will not take personal advantage of the inexperience or lack of knowledge of our clients, customers, or potential clients or customers.
  • We will not intentionally violate any laws. This involves the deliberate and continued violation of copyright, trademark, service mark, or laws related to spamming as they may exist at the state, federal, or international level.
  • We will continually seek to create web sites that are visitor-friendly and which treat each visitor with respect.

Client Confidentiality

  • We will never sell, trade, or otherwise make available our client list to any third party. Individual client names and contact information will only be provided to third parties by express written permission from the client.
  • We will never disclose to a third party any information regarding client business operations, marketing objectives, product information, Internet objectives, or other confidential information, without express written permission from the client.
  • We will never "trick" any client into unknowingly granting permission for their information to be shared with other organizations.