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Logo Design & Branding

Logo Design and Branding

Your brand tells the story of your business. What kind of story is your brand telling? Is it consistent, compelling, succinct, and reliably on-message? If you’re unsure, that’s OK! We’d love to sit down with you and find out what it is you want your brand to tell the world — then go out and make it happen. Our team will work with you to weave together logos, imagery, fonts, colors, and a copywriting voice that all work in harmony to build a strong, memorable brand identity design.

We’ve been building brands since the very first day we opened shop. Branding isn’t a hobby or a fad to us — it’s the central to everything we do at our agency. Over the years, we’ve designed powerful and successful brands for clients both big and small, we’re always ready to help our clients build something amazing..

Branding is Identity

    A brand identity is more than a logo. It’s more than a brand style guide. It’s an essential way to differentiate yourself from your competition. A brand identity influences your customers’ experience at every touchpoint. It subconsciously affects how they view everything from your industry, to your relevance, to your trustworthiness.

    A strong visual language should always reflect your brand. Whether you’re totally overhauling your brand identity or you’re just starting out, strive for consistency and look for ways to apply good design at every level of your organization.

    For more inspiration, take a look at more of our branding work. And if you need a fresh set of eyes on your branding, we’d love to help.

Envelope Design

These days there are countless ways to connect with your target audience. In the past, the use of print communications was the most dominant and cost effective way to reach potential clients.

This is one of the many different advantages of working with an experienced print communications design team. Our designers are always thinking of new and creative ways of presenting your information concisely, effectively and affordably through print marketing tools such as brochures, sales sheets and direct mail pieces.

By using effective direct mail design, businesses have the chance to directly engage their consumers by projecting a more personal approach to marketing.

Logo Design / Refresh

    At Freshfx, we believe that a logo is the most fundamental part of your corporate identity; it should be able to encapsulate the core values and primary essence of your company as effectively and authentically as possible.

    Therefore we work with our clients closely to capture their traits and translate them into a design that is uniquely their own.

    We are committed to consistently delivering high quality logo design that will enable our clients to stand above their competitors. Our award-winning design team brings close to two decades of experience to the table, having conceptualized and designed logos for a variety of businesses during that time while maintaining their passion for fresh new ideas and outlooks. Our team has a unique blend of creativity and business knowledge that is extremely rare and often unmatched. We take your words and bring them to life, while creatively enhancing the perception of your organization.